Sharing a few things on my to-do list

We just got home from Florida this afternoon and I am taking some time to organize myself for the coming weeks. We have a ton going on! Besides unwinding and unpacking from our trip to Florida for Rosh Hashanah, we are also getting ready to leave for our big trip to Spain and the start of my new job. Whenever I have a lot happening, I always take a few minutes to make a list with everything that needs to get done.

To be honest, I never go anywhere or do anything without a list. Its a habit I started in middle school when my teachers would make us write down all our homework and I have continued it ever since. Creating a list helps me de-stress and organize no matter what the situation is.


Spending the long weekend in Florida was a perfect transition from my old job and the tough time I was having to a new start. As I have grown up, I cherish my time in Florida with my family more and more. Each time, it gets harder and harder to leave. I know this is a good feeling and there probably aren’t a lot of 20 year olds who feel the same way.

With our big trip to Spain approaching, I have been having all different types of feelings. First and foremost, this is the first trip abroad Daniel and I will have taken together. So, this is a real test! We have planned this trip together from beginning to end. Now, we just have to take it. I never realized how much time and planning goes into a trip like this. Maybe part of it was because we had never planned anything like this before, but it was definitely a little bit of a stressful experience. In my head, I felt so much pressure to do and see everything that our friends recommended. I was trying to cram as many activities into our days as possible but what I was forgetting was that our trip would be incredible no matter how many churches or museums we stepped foot into. All that is important is that we enjoy ourselves.

There is definitely more to come on Taking Back Taylor about our trip to Spain…what we did (and didn’t) do, where we ate, where we stayed and all other recommendations.

I am also excited to share my first day at my new job and tell you more about the next steps in my career. Here’s to a wonderful week. 🙂






An uncomfortable situation paired with some real good comfort food


Have you ever had those weeks at work when you feel like you can’t do anything right? It’s like the domino effect. Once the first disaster hits there’s no stopping it. This was basically my week, paired with a boss who rarely acknowledges my existence even though we sit one desk away from one another.

This past week had me questioning so many aspects of my life. Well, mostly just the aspect of work and whether I like it or not, its a pretty important one. After graduating last year, I’ve had a few unfortunate experiences with bosses /managers. Its a never ending battle for me. I constantly find myself caught working for someone who forgets to check their personal life at the door. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their bad days but their is a limit.

Now I’m left with the dilemma of whether I should go to HR or speak to my boss about these problems. How do you tell your boss its inappropriate and unprofessional to call her boyfriend who works downstairs 5 times a day?

All of this led me to a craving for comfort food! We whipped up an easy chicken curry and naan. Oh! and a (few) martinis.

fullsizerender.jpg             unnamed



Taking Back Taylor


It’s a rainy NYC afternoon and I am playing hooky from work. So, I figured there would be no better time to get my blog started than today!

I’ve played with the idea of starting a blog for about 3 years now. I’ve started countless Instagram accounts and after about 3 months I would lose focus and doubt all the reasons I started it to begin with.

This time I wanted to do it differently. I didn’t want the focus to be “hot trends” and “chic restaurants,” rather everyday life. I’m sure you’re sitting there asking yourself, “what does that even mean?” Taking Back Taylor is all about growing up, trying not to lose sight of who you are, and surviving the struggles of being in your 20s.