Honey Deuce cocktail & the US Open

My first Thirsty for Thought Thursday post! I created this segment of the blog to be a little different than the rest. Thirsty for Thought will be my opportunity to share light-hearted, fun content, as well as, yummy drink (and sometimes food) recipes.

I’ve decided that we are starting a new tradition! Since moving to NYC just over a year ago, we have attended the US Open both times and I want to continue each year! Before last year, I had never gone but my boyfriend, Daniel, used to go all of the time as a child.

It is always a great time! The tennis is AMAZING, of course, and the food and the drinks are right on up there. Last year, we attended a day and a night session. Since this was my first experience, I didn’t know what to expect. After just a few minutes, I was hooked. It is so much fun to walk around to all the different courts and watch the matches.

This year, we attended a night session. This wasn’t the original plan. We wanted to attend a day session. It so lovely being outside and watching the matches all day. Daniel bought what he thought were day session tickets so we woke up, got dressed, and grabbed the tickets. Luckily, Daniel pulled them out of the envelope to double check AND…the tickets were for the day before. OOPS! If you’ve ever attended the US Open, you know how difficulty and pricey it can be to get tickets, especially as the semifinals and finals begin. We quickly hopped on the internet and snatched up two tickets to the evening session the following day.

We ended up having the best time and got to see incredible tennis in Arthur Ashe Stadium! Daniel’s brother met us for dinner and we sipped on my favorite drink at the US Open, the Honey Deuce. They come in special cups, which have a list of all the winners on it. I decided we are going to collect a cup from each year for our imaginary pool house (which will never exist) when we buy a house.

Thanks to the US Open, I now have a new favorite cocktail and I am sharing the recipe (with my twist) below:


You will need lemonade, melon, Chambord and vodka.


Fill a high ball glass 3/4 of the way with ice.


Add 1.5 oz of vodka to each glass. The original recipe calls for Grey Goose but I prefer Absolut (thanks Grandma!).


Add 3 oz of lemonade and .5 oz of Chambord to each glass.


Give it a stir.


The melon balls are used as a garnish. To create them, I used a 1 tbsp measuring spoon since I don’t have a melon baller. They are more like semi circles but they taste just as delicious!


Sip and enjoy!

Honey Deuce Recipe (serves 2)

  • 6 oz of lemonade
  • 3 oz of vodka
  • 1 oz of chambord
  • 6 melon balls
  • Ice

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